Batdorf and Bronson’s Jason Dominy is just getting home from a long weekend spent in the Pacific Northwest, and boy howdy, he brought back some coffee. Atlanta area residents can join Jason for a mind-boggling jaunt through the West Coast coffee scene on Thursday night, 7pm, at the Batdorf and Bronson Atlanta (1530 Carroll Dr. NW). Just look at this list of coffees on hand:

1. Victorola- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.
2. Extracto- Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa Michicoy Microlot.
3. Caffe Vita- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.
4. Stumptown- Kenya Tegu Grand Cru.
5. Water Ave.- Colombia Narino.
6. Water Ave.- Ethiopia Limu Kossa.
7. Heart Coffee- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.
8. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke Union.
9. Sightglass Coffee- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Moplaco.
10. Ristretto Roasters- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Mama Kasha.
11. Coava Coffee- Nicaragua, Bella Aurora.
12. Coava Coffee- Costa Rica, Finca Zarcero.
13. Coava Coffee- Honduras, Benjamin Miranda.
14. Sterling Coffee Roasters- Kenya Kangocho.
15. Heart Coffee- Kenya Gichathaini.
16. Olympia Coffee Roasters- Ethiopia Gedeo Worka.

And a couple of non-NW bonus coffees:
1. Irving Farm- Angel Antonio Serrano, Deras.
2. Dogwood Coffee- Burundi Gathare.
3. Dogwood Coffee- Colombia La Argentina.

Jason, that is really a lot of coffee, and this sounds like kind of an awesome event. Atlanta dwellers, go help Jason out, try some delicious brews, and pace yourself. Click here for Facebook event info.