Video: “Chemist In A Coffee Shop” Oper...

Video: “Chemist In A Coffee Shop” Opera

Baffling. We thought we knew nerds. But these nerds out-nerd the nerdiest nerds we’ve ever dreamed existed. These are opera singing nerds. These are nerds that throw paper airplanes in a crowded hall, at a full grown nerd dressed as a “human aerodrome”. Quick! Nerd crew! Clean up those paper airplanes! Glegh! Glegh! Nerd opera starts around 28:50. The nerd crowd hushes as the nerd narrator begins, “Tonight’s opera is about a coffee shop.” Silence. “It’s also about chemistry.” (Genuine whoops and nerd hollers from the nerd crowd).

  1. Kevin Sinnott

    15 October

    Amusing and about time someone wrote a new musical about coffee. Batch has pretty decent instructions in his coffee cantata. I’ve spent my life studying and writing to improve coffee brewing. Maybe I should sit less at a computer and more at a piano. ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rose Fox

    14 October

    That’s not precisely accurate either. How about “full-grown nerd”?

    • Llewellyn Sinclair

      15 October

      full-grown nerd!

  3. Llewellyn Sinclair

    14 October

    so sorry! cheerfully corrected.

  4. Rose Fox

    14 October

    This is the best misgendering I’ve ever gotten! Thank you very much.

    Rose Fox a.k.a. the Human Aerodrome
    full-grown, nerdy, not exactly a man

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