Tyler, Chris and Michael, the Handsome Coffee Roasters, have finally opened a fully functioning web store and my word, is it fabulous. This new website is an exciting advancement for the gents, and represents the first time the hoi polloi public has been able to order Handsome’s beans without a subscription or a secret handshake. They are still actively pursuing a brick and mortar location to roast and brew coffee but we love this hands-on, pulling yerself up by the bootstraps approach. So butch! Congratulations on the most recent developments, boys!

The LATimes blog reports:

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Tyler Wells, Chris Owens and Michael Phillips (all formerly of Intelligentsia) are transforming a former print shop on Mateo Street in the arts district (a hangar of a warehouse with bow truss ceilings and skylight) into a roasting-and-retail coffee mecca. As their 1956 Probat UG22 roaster makes its way from Belgium, where it has been restored, the trio are temporarily roasting at LA Mill in Alhambra.

Handsome Coffee’s Mateo Street home is currently occupied by the Handsome van, some La Marzocco machinery, bags of beans and a drum set — but will be converted into a retail coffee bar, with seating and a view of the roasting works behind a glass wall, says Wells. “We just want to serve good coffee and customers to have the experience they want.”

Here’s a current offering list of coffees:

  • Guatemala San Antonio Huista
  • Honduras San Vicente
  • Kenya Ruthagati AA
  • Handsome Espresso

The most tantalizing shop option of all? The Handsome Coffee Escort Service. Have the Handsome Van drive up to your next upscale event. What’s inside the van? A tastefully appointed espresso bar, complete with a jaw-dropping Handsome hunk. With a Handsome escort by your side, who knows where your evening will go? We’re clenching with excitement.

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