There are at least 1500 active volcanoes we know about. And at least one we don’t…


There are also at least as many cafes in Los Angeles we know about. Lucky for us then that Matthew Kang, the Tommy Lee Jones of Eater LA, has compiled together the best of the best in this handy guide to coffee shops in LA. We figure it’s just in time for our own impending apocalypse, which for our friends in LA is probably going to feel like a rehash of “Volcano“, but for us in Portland will be more like the much lamer “Dante’s Peak“. Where’s the hunky vulcanologist?


Specialty coffee keeps making headlines in Los Angeles, with new entrants coming monthly and continuing news of out-of-town roasters looking to take a piece of the metropolis pie. Consumers are the ones that win, with top-shelf cafes boasting caffeinated shots and brewing small batches of drip coffee to order. This list is now nearly exhaustive of the entire city from Westside to Eastside, with updated information on LA’s Best Coffee Shops, showcasing each spot’s commitment to fair, or even direct, trade coffee beans, and coffee brewed with the utmost care.


This guide has been around for a while, but they’ve recently added the following cafes to the list (just in time for that stunning climax scene at the La Brea tar pits):


Ahh, Los Angeles. We love you so much. We can’t wait to be back in you. Next time we promise to see more of these cafes, instead of goofing off all day and cruising all night. Man, that sounds like fun right now. Hopefully the world isn’t really going to end on Friday…