Welcome to a new episode of A Better Table, a podcast on the Sprudge Media Network where host Umeko Motoyoshi talks to guests and discusses social, economic, and environmental sustainability. “Sustainability means a lot of different things, but here are my guiding questions, the questions I want to explore,” explains Motoyoshi. “What sustains communities? What sustains relationships? What sustains your heart?”

In this episode, Motoyoshi interviews 2022 United States Cup Tasters Champion Julien Langevin (he/them) from Coffee By Design in Portland, Maine. This episode is airing on the eve of Langevin’s appearance at the 2022 World Cup Tasters Championship, which kicks off on June 23rd in Milan.

2022 cup tasters
Julien Langevin (far right) at the 2022 US Cup Tasters Championship. (Photo by Liz Chai for Sprudge)

In the interview, Motoyoshi and Langevin talk about the thrill of competition and the importance of establishing sustainable practices of the heart while managing life’s many obstacles. Across the course of an introspective and revealing hour, this episode of A Better Table takes us inside the head of a person who is many things—a coffee professional, yes, and a national champion, but also Langevin is honest and intimate in this exchange on topics of work, mental health, and yes, the pressure of appearing on the world stage as a coffee competitor.

“I admire you for doing what you’re doing,” says Motoyoshi. “It means a lot to me that you’re willing to share about all of that.” We think you’ll feel that same sense of gratitude and inspiration listening to this episode of A Better Table.

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