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Welcome back to another episode of A Better Table, a coffee podcast on the Sprudge Podcast Network. Host Umeko Motoyoshi explores social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Today’s episode features Bartholomew Jones, co-founder of Cxffeeblack based in Memphis, Tennessee. Cxffeeblack is a multimedia operation promoting the Black history—and present—of coffee. Cxffeeblack spreads this message through music, apparel, a podcast, and roasted coffee. Jones joins Motoyoshi to talk about the Cxffeeblack story and a new project: the Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club.

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Bartholomew Jones at the Lorraine Hotel, Memphis. (Photo by Erin Kim courtesy Bartholomew Jones/Cxffeeblack)

“If coffee, a historically Black and Brown innovation, can be used to displace people of color on and off the continent, then we feel like it can also be used to empower them,” the Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club team told Sprudge earlier this month, “the AGCC is an exploration of that possibility. The AGCC is a coffee shop concept that seeks to use the Black history of coffee as a community organizing agent to resist gentrification.”

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Agcc Hoodie 01
AGCC merch as featured in Coffee Merch: The Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club Hoodie By Cxffeeblack on March 4, 2021.

Read more about the Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club here and follow their Instagram account @antigentrificationcoffeeclub.

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