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In the latest episode of A Better Table, host Umeko Motoyoshi interviews Nick Castellano of Taste The Origin. Taste The Origin is a coffee subscription that only works with roasters in producing countries. Currently, the roster includes roasteries in Colombia, Peru, and Uganda.

Motoyoshi and Castellano discuss the environmental and economic sustainability of specialty coffee being roasted at origin.

Nick Castellano
Nicholas Castellano

A Better Table on the Sprudge Podcast Network is hosted by Sprudgie Award-winning journalist, author, and community organizer Umeko Motoyoshi. This show is a journalistic deep dive into the topics that matter in today’s coffee world, from disability access to coffee producer rights at origin to labor organizing in the modern coffee workforce, and much, much more. Motoyoshi’s fearless journalism isn’t afraid to ask big questions: who is coffee for, what ways can we challenge existing systems, and how do we come together to create a better table for all.

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