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In the latest episode of A Better Table, host Umeko Motoyoshi interviews Chris McCauley and Cydni Patterson of Getchusomegear. Chris McAuley’s Getchusomegear is built around the mission of “hookin’ up marginalized coffee pros and business owners with free coffee gear” but has quickly become much more. They just recently announced an incredible slate of charitable grant recipients, and are actively working to make the coffee world a better and more equitable place in real, tangible ways. Read our 2020 profile of Chris McAuley here.

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Cydni Patterson is a coffee professional and barista competitor based out of Durham, North Carolina, and is the host of Cascara on the Sprudge Podcast Network. In each episode of Cascara, Patterson takes listeners to a different city and talks to locals about what makes their coffee community unique to find out, as she puts it, “what’s really brewing in coffee scenes around the world.” It’s the perfect way to scratch your travel itch during COVID times—a trip around the world in a cup of coffee, with Cydni Patterson as your guide.

Chris Cydni
Chris McAuley (left) and Cydni Patterson (right) and a lot of gear. (Source: Instagram)

Support Getchusomegear this giving season by donating directly to mutual aid organizations that support them, including FoodNotBombs919, DurhamFreeLunch, and GoFundBean. Getchu is also actively seeking coffee equipment donations, and in particular, is looking for coffee scales.

A Better Table on the Sprudge Podcast Network is hosted by Sprudgie Award-winning journalist, author, and community organizer Umeko Motoyoshi. This show is a journalistic deep dive into the topics that matter in today’s coffee world, from disability access to coffee producer rights at origin to labor organizing in the modern coffee workforce, and much, much more. Motoyoshi’s fearless journalism isn’t afraid to ask big questions: who is coffee for, what ways can we challenge existing systems, and how do we come together to create a better table for all.

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