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Welcome back to another episode of A Better Table, a podcast on the Sprudge Podcast Network. Host Umeko Motoyoshi explores sustainability in coffee in many forms—from disability access to coffee producer rights at origin to labor organizing in the modern coffee workforce and so much more. Guest so far on ABT include Chris McAuley, Cydni Patterson, Nick CastellanoWill Frith, Laetitia Mukandahiro, Emily Haddad, Adam JacksonBey, Kim Elena Ionescu, Alice Wong, Latasha Barr Lewis, and Camden Myer.

Today’s episode features Madeleine Longoria Garcia. Upcoming guests include Bartholomew Jones (Cxffeeblack) and Bianka Alloyn and Sabreen Naimah (Cute Coffee).

Madeleine Longoria Garcia (Photo via PCR)

Madeleine Longoria Garcia is a co-owner of Pacific Coffee Research, a Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus, quality analysis & cupping lab, roastery, and Hawai’i coffee education center in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

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More about Garcia from PCR’s official website:

Madeleine spent the last 10 years learning about coffee from as many people and experiences as she possibly could. Now the co-owner of PCR, the road map of her career was a winding one that led her up & down the West Coast from university graduate to cafe manager, across the Pacific Ocean to Hawai’i and Australia, through Southeast Asia, around Central America & Mexico and, finally, back to Hawai’i. All the while learning more about coffee from farms to cafes.

With Hawai’i as her home, Madeleine works with local baristas, producers, and other coffee professionals to share her knowledge in the cafe setting and as a sensory specialist. Madeleine leads trainings and educational experiences along with providing Q Arabica grading services to local producers. She has been on six judge panels for Hawai’i cupping competitions, organizes & participates in events hosted by the Hawai’i Coffee Association and Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, and has competed in the National US Brewers Cup. Madeleine is also a Community Coordinator on the SCA US Chapter, representing her local coffee industry from producer to barista, and serves as a board member for Recycle Hawai’i.

Garcia is a trainer at PCR, which is located on a carbon-neutral coffee farm in North Kona. Motoyoshi speaks with Garcia about how Hawaii is approaching the leaf rust crisis. In November of last year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Identification Services confirmed the existence of the fungus Hemileia vastatrix (coffee leaf rust)—one of the most devastating pests for coffee growers—on Maui and Hawai`i Island.

If you are interested in PCR’s classes and workshops, visit their official website here and follow them on Instagram for all the latest.

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