My love of coffee sneakers knows no bounds. Well, one bound: no one will send me, a very famous coffee writer, any for free. I busk and I busk but New Balance, Le Coq Spotif, and Saucony (thricely) have all so much refused as to send a polite “no thanks.” But now it’s Nike’s turn, who have just released The Coffee Pack, a coffee-inspired colorway to some of their most iconic silhouettes.

Per The Drop Date, Nike announced the new Coffee Pack, bringing a caffeinated color scheme to three of their classic sneakers: the Daybreak, the Air Max 97, and the Air Force 1 Low; the Daybreak and Air Max both prominently feature richer browns reminiscent of black coffee, with the Air Force 1 going for more of a latte vibe. Each shoe consists of a max of suede, leather, and mesh upper and a “creamy, off-white sole.” Designs flourishes include “Roasted by Nike” on the heel and tongue and perhaps the most adorable touch, “A Japanese-inspired cat-in-a-mug graphic appears on the insole.”

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Nike Daybreak Coffee
Nike Daybreak via Sneaker News

Since the original announcement, Nike has continued to add to the Coffee Pack roster with a few coffee-and-cream-inspired colorways similar to that first appearing on the Air Force 1 Low with the Air Max Verona and Daybreak, per Sneaker News. The latest edition, the Blazer Mid ’77, gets back to basics with a primarily mocha brown design.

But alas, all US-based hypebaristas are going to have to exhibit a bit of patience. The Coffee Pack is currently only available in Asia, but they should be hitting US retailers “soon,” whatever that means.

So Nike, if you’re listening, first off hello, love what you’ve done with the place. My preference for sneakers you’ll send me to wear as Coffee Influencer© goes: 1. Air Max 97, Daybreak (cream), Daybreak (coffee), Air Force 1. Size 10 please. I would, as an alternative, accept a pair of Naomi Osaka’s NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbos. It would save me the trouble of having to figure out if I can VPN my way into ordering from Nike Japan.

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