It feels good to have competitions back, doesn’t it? Three days of frenetic coffee action taking place across six stages inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and at the end of it, once the dust has settled, six new national champions have been crowned!

From a field of nearly 100 participants, six coffee professionals outlasted the rest to be named the winner of their respective discipline. This year’s United States Coffee Championships, taking place as part of the SCA Expo event, was a special one, not simply because it is a return to form after a two-year absence, but also because it was the first time in USCC history that all six competitions took place under one roof. The Barista Championship, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters, and Roasters Championship coincided with second-year event Coffee in Good Spirits as well as the first-ever US Latte Art Championship. The winners of these events will now go on to represent the United States at the World Coffee Championships later this year, with CIGS, Cup Tasters, Roasters, and Latte Art taking place in June in Milan, Italy, and the WBC and WBrC taking place in September in Melbourne, Australia.

There’s still a lot to unpack from this weekend’s festivities, and we’ll be recapping some of our favorite moments from Expo in the coming days, but for now, let’s celebrate the winners and Finalists from all six competitions at the 2022 US Coffee Championships in Boston, Massachusetts.

United States Barista Championship

2022 usbc

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  1. Morgan Eckroth (she/they), Keeper Coffee, Portland, OR
  2. Brooke Wolfe (she/her), Elixr Coffee Roasters, Nashville, TN
  3. Elisabeth Johnson (she/her), Dayglow, Los Angeles, CA
  4. Meg Skop (she/her), Independent, San Francisco, CA
  5. Bryan Overstreet (he/him), The Coffee Movement, San Francisco, CA
  6. David Buehrer (he/him), Greenway Coffee Company, Houston, TX

United States Brewers Cup Championship

2022 brewers cup

  1. Elika Liftee (he/him), Onyx Coffee Lab, Rogers, AR
  2. Tommy Kim (he/him), Balrog Coffee, Los Angeles, CA
  3. Matt Brosinski (he/him), Blanchards Coffee, Richmond, VA
  4. Elise Tanyag (she/her), Blanchards Coffee, Richmond, VA
  5. Sam Spillman (she/her), Caffe Vita, Seattle, CA
  6. Marvin Duncan (he/him), Perc Coffee Roasters, Savannah, GA

United States Cup Tasters Championship

2022 cup tasters

  1. Julien Langevin (he/him), Coffee By Design, Portland, ME
  2. Lindsay (Ran) Rho (she/her), Idea Coffee, New York, NY
  3. Thomas J. Chandler (etc), Black Oak Coffee Roasters, Ukiah, CA
  4. Charles Gonzalez (he/him), Ground Control, Oakland, CA

United States Coffee In Good Spirits Championship

2022 cigs

  1. Alexandra Hager (she/her), CJ Foodville USA, Los Angeles, CA
  2. Dakota Graff (he/him), Onyx Coffee Lab, Bentonville, AR
  3. MiMo (they/them), Juno CoffeeCora Coffee, Sacramento, CA
  4. Linnea True (she/her), Boxcar Coffee Roasters, Denver, CO
  5. Christina Lee (she/her), Round K Coffee Roasters, New York, NY
  6. Mo Koolphanich (she/her), Slipstream, Washington, DC

United States Roasters Championship

2022 roasters

  1. Nick Berardi (he/him), Mostra Coffee, San Diego, CA
  2. Jen Apodaca (they/she), Mother Tongue Coffee Roasters, Oakland, CA
  3. Rudy Altamirano (he/him), Ilustre, San Diego, CA
  4. Evan Inatome (he), Elixir Coffee, Philadelphia, PA
  5. Andrew Coe (he/him), Elevator Coffee, Portland, OR
  6. Wenboe Yang (he), Blue Hill Coffee, Seattle, WA

United States Latte Art Championship

2022 latte art

  1. Piyapat (Flook) Lapteerawut (he/him), Coffee Project NY, New York, NY
  2. Tracy Jiang (she/her), Intelligentsia, Boston, MA
  3. Ed Griffin (they/them), Messenger Coffee, Kansas City, MO
  4. Ujae Lee (he/him), PlantShed, New York City, NY
  5. Proph (he/him), Exemplar, Brooklyn, NY
  6. Donald Perdomo (he/him), The Good Witch Coffee Bar, Hastings on the Hudson, NY

The US Competitions Committee issued a correction for the 2022 USBrC rankings on April 18th and this post now reflects the most recent ranking. Lauren Lathrop, US Competitions Committee Chair, and Adam JacksonBey, SCA USA Chapter National Coordinator explain via email: “due to a scorekeeping error, the USBrC ranking is different than what was initially announced – an error was made in scorekeeping which resulted in the original top 6 finalists’ announcement being incorrect. The US Competitions Committee team deeply regrets the error and offer our sincere apologies to all that were affected.”

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