Gruppo Cimbali will be making an appearance with their Faema and Slayer brands, showcasing their latest and greatest of their professional espresso machines at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston from April 8-10.

Faema will be showcasing for the first time in the US their latest creation designed for the domestic and small business sector: Faemina. Since it has not yet been officially released to the US market, attendees of the Expo will have a special first-look preview of the machine before its official launch. The esteemed brand’s specialized focus on professional-quality machines translates seamlessly to the new model, allowing consumers to enjoy a café-style experience in the comfort of their own home. Its ergonomic functionalities and easy-to-use interface are designed to open the doors to coffee amateurs and enthusiasts alike. Faemina’s system is easily customizable and can be set remotely allowing users to set water temperature, pressure, and extraction times, guaranteeing a perfect cup of coffee according to the users’ preferences every time.

The machine will be accompanied by the new Faema Touch and Match home/prosumer grinder: an extremely quiet grinder that features an easy-to-use touch display and manual grind adjustment.

Faema’s lineup will additionally include their President, a rebirth of the classic 60’s machine that takes style and design cues from the original, while incorporating modern innovative elements like Faema’s patented Smart Boiler and Perfect Grind System. Their President GTI is a professional espresso machine with extensive customization options and boasts total thermal stability thanks to its independent boilers. Its unique, high-tech design gives every space a strong identity that stands out among the crowd.

Their E71E model, on the other hand, steps up coffee extraction game: its independent groups can manage different coffee varieties and respect their specific temperatures, while the advanced GTi control system ensures the perfect balance of thermal stability and coffee infusion times – all to bring out the very best in each’s unique flavor profiles.

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The Faema E71E will additionally be the official machine of the Coffee in Good Spirits Competition 2022, of which Faema is the sponsor.

Among the newest super-automatic machines, Faema will be showcasing their X20 Fresh Brew, an ideal solution for those in small businesses and the hospitality industry. At a brewing capacity of around 200 large cups per day, clients can explore a wide range of coffee and non-coffee-based beverages on a user-friendly machine. Never sacrificing quality, customers of these industries can still enjoy high-quality coffee with a touch of a button.

LaCimbali’s M200, one of the newly SCA-certified products, will be on preview at the Expo. A machine that carries an elegance in its structure is not only beautiful but highly functional: a series of ergonomic choices were made to help shave precious seconds off a barista’s service that, in the end, makes all the difference. The M200’s capabilities extend to international audiences with the addition of an automatic brewing system, making it possible to brew filtered coffee using a precisely programmed function that perfectly mimics manual techniques required for dedicated filtered coffee devices.

All Gruppo Cimbali machines are designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable from their range of innovative smart functionalities to optimize energy usage and prevent excess loss of heat energy, to the use of recyclable materials in both the machines and their packaging.

In celebration of Gruppo Cimbali’s 110-year anniversary, the Gruppo Cimbali Coffee Machine Museum (MUMAC) will be providing the post-war era Faema Marte (Mars) to exhibit in the U.S. for the first time. From a range of lever machines named after the cosmos, this historical machine is characterized by futuristic lines with gold and steel accents, and the slogan “Hydro-compressed Coffee Infusion” engraved on plexiglass. At the end of the event, the machine will be exhibited at Dell’Aria Italian Coffee Roaster & Espresso Shop in New York. Viewers will also be able to flip through MUMAC’s new iconographic book “SENSO ESPRESSO. Coffee. Style. Emotions,” which tells of a journey through Italian entrepreneurial and cultural realms, centered around professional coffee machines that embody the “Italian Way of Life.” They are ambassadors representing key values such as pleasure, beauty, creativity, intelligence, and sociability, all from a simple cup of coffee. The book will be available for purchase at the SCA Bookshop.

Featured roasters at the event will be joining the Faema stand, using the Faema E71E:

Caffe Vita – Friday
Mojo Coffee – Saturday (10am – 12pm)
Social Grounds Coffee – Saturday (12:30pm – 2:30pm)
Vera Coffee – Sunday (10am – 12pm)

The Specialty Coffee Association is a non-profit organization that has built a reputable 30-year relationship with the coffee industry as a point of reference for the most dependable information, providing members with the right tools to succeed. Everyone from enthusiasts to roasters and retailers will be in attendance, allowing the opportunity to network and enhance one’s knowledge of industry.


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