This is quite a week for trade shows in the specialty coffee world. World of Coffee is just about to kick off in Milan, crowning five new World Coffee Champions in the process. Meanwhile on this side of the pond, Coffee Fest will be descending upon Chicago. Ahead of the big Second City event, Metropolis Coffee will be hosting Cafe Imports for another installment of the importer’s popular Stump The Roaster live event, and they have brought together an expert panel to discuss “the art and science of roasting coffee.”

Taking place June 23rd at Metropolis, the latest iteration of Stump the Roaster will be hosted by Cafe Imports Sales Representative Katie Bennet, who will be leading “a focused conversation about coffee roasting” with a mostly Chicago-based panel of roasters. Panelists for the event include Mikey Rinaldo of New Math Coffee (interviewed here on A Better Table podcast), Alicia and Ryan Scott of Big Shoulders Coffee, Daniel Soria of Typica Café, and Emery Conger of Shuv Coffee in Indianapolis.

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The discussion will be a candid look at many aspects of coffee roasting, offering diverse perspectives on roasting from those who interact with the practice on a daily basis.

Per Cafe Imports Instagram post, the event isn’t just for those who are currently working as coffee roasters, but is open to anyone interested in attending. All you need is proof of registration for Coffee Fest Chicago and the event is completely free. It all gets started at 5:00pm CDT at Metropolis in Chicago. For more information, visit Cafe Imports’ Instagram page.

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