Cold brew nitro in a can from Cuvee! Whooaaa!!!
Cold brew nitro in a can from Cuvee! Whooaaa!!!

People are using cold brew to get artisanal with their coffee. Heck, even Starbucks is rollin’ out the chilly sauce in stores across America! Well, we here at Sprudge travel the whole freakin’ globe to find the most bodacious, delicious, outrageous, and coldest brews possible. Buckle up, buddies, it’s gonna be a buzzy ride!

Here are ten reasons why this quirky cuppa is buzzin’ up java junkies and average Joes alike.

10. Now you can enjoy coffee even when it’s hot outside!


9. You can make this frosty cold brew at home, bro!


8.  Some cold brew coffees have a different kind of buzz, like this weed-infused jammer from Washington State! Whoa!


7. Of course there’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to turnt up cold brew.


6. If that’s not your idea of a good time, try cold brew with a slug of gin.


5. Cold brew coffee is heating up the fashion world…in New Zealand?!? Whoooooaaaa!!!


4. We’ve had the sweet stuff just about everywhere. But a coffee tricycle? In FLORIDA?!? OUTRAGEOUS!!!


3. Why not just pop the top off a cold brew with NITRO???


2. But why settle for a single serving when you can jam your fridge with a whole freakin’ BOX?


1. Heck, you can even put this sound ground over your favorite breakfast cereal!


With all the reasons why cold brew is buzzing up the coffee world, we know it’s gonna be around for a long time to come. But where will it go next?