Cold brew is amongst us. It’s easy to make, it’s delicious, and it’s here to stay, as coffee companies around the world are working their magic to make delicious beverages readily available in supermarkets from Auckland to Oakland, San Francisco to San Sebastian. We’re talking beautiful stubbies, classic school-sized milk cartons, and boxed wine containers. Indie shops are making cold brew sodas. There’s cold brew ice cream, cold brew floats, and cold brew cocktails.

This is a shimmering golden dawn of cold brew, with days spent floating away down peaceful rivers of the stuff, giving way to evenings where the cold brew flows like wine.

But what’s next?

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Here are a few ideas.

5. Squeezit Bottle Cold Brew

Cold brew in a bottle you gotta squeeze to drink! The Squeezit hasn’t been around since 2001, but what a vessel to bring back for cold brew. This would be immensely popular with the 1990s nostalgia crowd.

4. Cold Brew Gum

Gatorgum is another product that hasn’t seen the light of day since the early 2000s. Anyone who tried the Gatorgum drink and gum combination will never forget the sensation of chewing on warm gooey Gatorade. But a creme-flavored gum with a cold brew middle? Sounds potentially palatable, and might make a good in-flight option when the cold brew crazy cravings strike.

3. Crystal Cold Brew

While efforts to make brown liquids clear have been unpopular in the past, we think the world is ready for a clear alternative to cold brew.

2. Cold Brew Cereal

Coffee cereal exists and we taste-tested a lot of it. But cold brew coffee cereal? We’re not aware of such a thing existing…yet. Can you imagine? We’d love to start our day with a “low-acid alternative” to those other coffee cereals.

1. Cold Brew Candy Bars

How about chocolate, nougat, caramel, and cold brew candy bars? Heck, we’ll take five. We’ll freeze ours and sneak it into the movies.

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