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If you live in the United States and/or smoke the reefer, you’re probably aware that in the last election cycle, Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana usage and sale. If you’ve ever worked in a US coffee shop or attended a US coffee industry party, you’re probably also aware that marijuana enjoys a strong affinity with coffee–just ask that co-worker of yours who somehow manages to have a sunny disposition after eight hours straight on a cash register, or that nice customer who comes in on Thursdays at 4:30 and spends a lot of quality time ordering from the pastry case. But are you aware that in a few short months, you (or at least your Washington-dwelling friends) will be able to acquire a caffeinated, cannabis-inated bottled beverage called Legal?cold-brew

This exciting news comes to you via and The Daily Mail. The company, delightfully named Mirth Provisions, was started by Adam Stites, an “e-commerce firm manager” in Longview, WA, as a way to cash in on the mad land grab starting to happen in the brave new world of legal marijuana retail. According to The Daily Mail, Stites says that he sees Legal as “revolutionary and a great opportunity to establish some intellectual property in this state.” Stites plans to offer a plain marijuana-infused cold brew option, a cold brew with milk and sugar, and three sparkling fruit juice marijuana drinks: Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, and Pomegranate.

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We certainly agree with Stites that this an interesting and exciting product with high-flying potential, but the combination of weed and caffeine is not a wholly new thing. We’ve heard of people making use of the “Northwest Speedball” for years, and there is even a progressive blog, “Spro And Dro” dedicated to the phenomenon. Something about the combo seems to really speak to the rainy days and sleepy cafes of the Pacific Northwest.

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Judging by the “Manifesto” on the Mirth Provisions site, Stites certainly seems to know what’s up with all of that. Foggy evergreen forest + just Edisanal enough graphic design + “secure the blessings of euphoria for ourselves and our buds” = winning marketing concept. We wish Stites all the best as Legal works its way through the Washington State Liquor Control Board regulatory process, and look forward to seeing this craft product for sale in fine retailers and cafes soon.

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