Now Watching:’s Jason Coff...

Now Watching:’s Jason Coffee




  1. Deaton

    27 July

    I like the kind of service he is talking about, had a similar discussion on my blog not so long ago. And, guess what, I believe you can serve people quickly.


  2. Jack

    25 July

    What an ignorant rant. How about a genuine connection with a waiter that cooks your steak.

  3. Brandon Paul Weaver

    24 July

    How would you handle volume? If I have 10 people in line that is going to make people wait for a very long time and I will be a tired little barista! I suppose this could work at some place like four barrel where they have several machines…

  4. Dub

    24 July

    I wonder if he wants his server to cook his dinner too.

  5. cjc

    23 July

    why did you guys post this junk? seriously? meaningless

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