Opening August 4th at the Cafe Grumpy location in Park Slope, a new art show from sketch artist Steven Weinberg and writer Casey Scieszka, authors of the love story / travelogue / graphic novel “To Timbuktu”. The New York-based couple spent weeks in the Huila department of southwest Colombia, working with a guide from renowned importers Viramax, staying nearing the town of Gigante, and capturing the beauty of this growing region in a series of sketches, paintings and captions. Have a look at some of Weinberg and Scieszka’s work:

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This upcoming show provides a lovely example of the ever-fraying lines between art galleries and specialty coffee shops, and the rewarding chances we can take with our spaces. The show opens August 5th at Grumpy Park Slope (383 7th Avenue, Brooklyn), and you can learn more about Casey Scieszka and Steven Weinberg’s novel, humanitarian work in Africa, and arts blog by visiting any of the preceding links.

(Images sourced from Colombia Reports)


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