Here they are, your 2013 World Brewers Cup Finalists! They’ll compete for global glory on Sunday, May 26th beginning at 10:05 AM – livestream is available here courtesy of World Coffee Events.

Original photography by Harald Johnson Vøyle for (Not pictured: Canadian champion Joshua Tarlo)



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1. 10:05 Sang Ho Park, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, UK @KoreanBarista @SquareMile

2. 10:25 Joshua Tarlo, Pig Iron Coffee Roasters, Canada @Joshuatarlo

3. 10:45 Erin McCarthy, Counter Culture Coffee Roasters, USA @ErinMcCarthy88 @Counter_Culture

4. 11:05 Tibor Varady, Hungary @tiborbarista

5. 11:25 Carolina Franco de Souza, Lucca Cafes Especials, Brazil

6. 11:45 Jung InSung, Koreait College, South Korea


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