From an opening field of 51 national champions from all 6 habitable continents, these 6 competitors have emerged as your 2013 World Barista Championship Finalists. They’ll compete for the world championship on Sunday, May 25th beginning at 11:45AM UTC+10 – convert this to your local time here. 

Follow @SprudgeLive on Twitter for our live play-by-play commentary from Melbourne. Livestream to the event is available here! We’re proud to serve as Official Media Partners of the 2013 World Coffee Events, whose tireless work makes events like the WBC possible.

Original photogrpahy by Eileen P. Kenny for

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1. 11:45 William Hernandez, Viva Espresso, El Salvador – @VivaEspresso1

2. 12:25 Nick Clark, Flight Coffee, New Zealand – @flightcoffee @nickroydclark

3. 1:05 Francesco Sanapo, Italy – @sanapofrancesco

4. 1:45 Colin Harmon, 3FE, Ireland – @dublinbarista @3FE

5. 2:25 Pete Licata, Parisi Coffee, USA – @petelicata @parisicoffee

6. 3:05 Matthew Perger, St. Ali, Australia – @mattperger @st_ali


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