The #XtremeKone Challenge from Able Brewing & Sprudge continues, with just hours left to enter before the 11:59 PM PST cut-off on January 31st. The contest – a Kone recipe in text format via Instagram, alongside a photo of Kone brewing that is extreme, creative, and extremely creative – has yielded a whole cavalcade of bizarre and amazing photography. Maybe it’s because people love the Kone? Maybe it’s because Kone is ponying up SERIOUS cash prizes, flights to Portland, a room at the Ace Hotel, and a night out on the town with Able & Sprudge. You can review the full contest details here, and type #XtremeKone into your Instagram & Twitter apparati to review the entries thus far.

Here’s 5 of our favorites as of right now, but PLEASE don’t get the script flipped. Inclusion in this post does NOT guarantee a top 3 finish once all the votes are tabulated amongst the Sprudge & Able staff, and there’s still PLENTY of time to wow us with new entries. We’ll be publishing more of our favorites with complete recipes after the finalists are chosen.

Submitter Matt Dittemore starts things off, proving there’s nothing he won’t do for #XtremeKone. Like going through a car wash in the back of his truck.


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We’ve received multiple totes-Xtreme rappelling entries for the #XtremeKone challenge, but this one from Harold McGovern came plastered in a late-90s Mountain Dew themed font, and accompanied by a seriously Xtreme “making-of” video. Plus what they’re doing is highly illegal, which is perhaps the most Xtreme compliment one can give.


From CJ Speelman, who somehow managed to score a meeting with Sasquatch for the #XtremeKone challenge.


From Instagram user Stefan Feldmann, who claims that while “Brewing my #XtremeKone, I go to a special place.” You can take us to that special place any time, Stefan! Woof!


We’re pretty sure this one is illegal, too. From submitter Luann Bailey, captioned “Kone saving lives in the ICU!” Look at those wall plugs, the medical equipment, the OR scrubs…this photo was taken inside of a real-life hospital.




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