[Video] Handsome, LAMILL, Blue Bottle…and As...

[Video] Handsome, LAMILL, Blue Bottle…and Ashton Kutcher?

Subculture Club is “a documentary-style show that takes you on an exploration of lifestyles and communities that are not typically known or experienced by all.” In their most recent episode, a team of videoists spent time with the doers and dreamers at three of California’s best coffee roasteries: Handsome Coffee Roasters, Blue Bottle Coffee, and LAMILL Cofee. Take a look at this gorgeous 12 minute video:

The Ashton Kutcher connection? He’s the credited Executive Producer! The feature was directed and edited by Ryan Ovadia, and features Blue Bottle founder James Freeman, Handsome co-owners Chris Owens, Mike Phillips, and Tyler Wells, plus lots more. Check out more about Thrash Lab and Subculture Club here.

But the bigger question remains…who’d you rather?

Ashton Kutcher?


Or Michael Phillips?


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  1. Bennett!

  2. Steve

    2 February

    Simple and delightful……the video was a pleasure to watch!

  3. nameMary Ann Dotson

    31 January

    Great looking and smart!

  4. Mary Ann Dotson

    31 January

    Definitely Mike Phillips!

  5. Michael Phillips DUH!