Day One at NWRBC is in the books! Here’s a curated selections of our favorite tweets from throughout the day, sourced via the @SprudgeLive Twitter feed.

Sprudge coverage from NWRBC made possible by direct support from Dillanos Coffee Roasters and Nuova Simonelli.


1. Justin Doyle, Independent, Salem, OR

12:12 – mr. doyle is the only independent barista competitor at #NWRBC – though there are several independents in #BrewersCup @JustinSpirits

12:16 – “our highest goal as a barista should be mastering the art of hospitality…and making our guests feel comfortable”


12:20 – mr. doyle competes using @StumptownCoffee‘s Ethiopia Nano Challa  – “the Ethiopia heirloom varietal produces some of the most coveted flavors in the specialty coffee world.”


2. Timothy Graham, Slate Coffee Roasters, Seattle

12:34 – unfamiliar with Slate Coffee? you will be soon. they’re not quite open to the public yet…or to journalists, for that matter, but #NWRBC is a big weekend for them

12:38 – Mr. Graham’s signature drink components: turbonado sugar, candied orange peel, “reconstructed cherry”, and Theo Chocolates drinking chocolate.

12:40 – his cappuccino notes include: “a vanilla note, with sweet butterscotch.”

12:42 – Mr. Graham’s espresso is a bourbon & typica coffee from Guatemala sourced by @AtlasCoffeeCo and marked as “”Ixil A’Achimbal”

advert new rules of coffee now available


3. Maxwell Mooney, Caffe Ladro, Seattle

12:55 – Mr. Mooney is a first-time barista competitor – “a month ago I was a home barista!” – and one of 3 competitors at #NWRBC representing Caffe Ladro.

12:57 – Mr. Mooney competes using @LadroRoasting‘s Colombia La Plata – learn more here – and he starts the judges off with a slice of his wife’s homemade coffee cake!

1:00 – here’s Mr. Mooney’s sig drink – La Plata espresso, a La Plata french press, and milk infused with his wife’s coffee cake. OMG.

1:05 – we’re sincerely enjoying @MaxwellAMooney‘s zen hospitality and homey style on stage at #nwrbc – good find, @LadroRoasting !

4. David Matoba, Albina Press, PDX

1:20 – Mr. Matoba’s signature drink: cinnamon extract & cardamon in milk – “the base spice and savory notes to my espresso” – plus Stumptown’s Colombia El Jordan as espresso

1:28 – Mr. Matoba competes using gorgeous Heath-esque ceramic flatware, in an earthen brown and maroon tone…gorgeous! Designed in Portland by local Portland potter Alli Walker, on Twitter as @AllersAGallers

1:30 – no twitter? check. small cheering section? yes. but he’s actually cruising and killing this #nwrbc routine with focus & intensity. David Matoba, word.


5. Victor Plasencia, Crema, PDX

1:37 – Mr. Plascencia competes using Coava Coffee’s Guatemala Flor de Concepcion – as per Victor, this coffee is “really, really, really, really, really, really good.”

1:46 – sig drink anchored by the Jocote, a fruit native to guatemala that Mr. Plasencia somehow found in PDX

1:48 – You know how a barista competition routine kind of makes you want to hang out with the competitor? Mr. Plasencia seems super nice. We’re coming in next week and hanging out with you at Crema, and drinking coffee and eating macaroons. much love.


6. Lauren Lathrop, Public Domain, PDX

2:00 – Ms. Lathrop competes using an El Salvador Las Delicias from the Menendez family farms – “high altitude, shade grown, 1650 meters”

2:04 – Public Domain in downtown Portland is consistently one of our favorite cafe experiences in Portland – the PD staff and their partners at CBI do a really great job.

2:05 – Cappuccino notes: “acidity is toned down in favor of a new sweetness…shortbread, toasted nut, pecan, almond”

2:08 – Ms. Lathrop’s signature drink takes espresso, mulling spices, simmered with vanilla simple syrup, described as “wintery” – and winter is a theme that’s been running throughout this entire routine.


7. Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee Roasting, Olympia 

2:21 – “so many hands touch the coffee before it makes it to you” – Mr. Schroeder of @olympiacoffee on his single producer microlot from Edgar Oidor, a producer in Huila, Colombia – learn more and take some home!

2:23 – producer Edgar Oidor is intimately attached to this coffee’s production, processing, and export, and his farm is TINY – just two hectares!

2:27 – Mr. Schroeder’s cappuccino notes: “candied pineapple, dolce de lece, baked apple, raisin”

2:37 – “I thought it was gonna be crazy, and it was even crazier.” – Mr. Schroeder of @olympiacoffee on his first-ever #nwrbc routine – want to see again!


8. Brandon Paul Weaver, Slate Coffee Roasters, Seattle

2:40 Mr. Weaver on the cafe experience: “intrigue, investigation, discovery and amazement…we hope this for our guests at our cafes”

2:43 Mr. Weaver on his cappuccinos: “they’re like the california roll of coffee – a great introduction to a cuisine that’s a little different”

2:52 Mr. Weaver on the central conceit of his routine: “I couldn’t take you all to origin, but I could bring origin to you by way of metaphor”

2:53 Mr. Weaver’s competition routine includes Notorious B.I.G.’s hit single “Juicy”, which experts agree is the greatest song in human history.

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