The coffee scene in Scotland is popping off right now, with top roasters like Dear Green Coffee and Artisan Roast leading the charge, and cafes in Edinburgh and Glasgow making a name for themselves far beyond the Mairches. At the United Kingdom Barista Championship just a few weeks ago, we watched on as competitors from Scotland represented themselves quite well on the national stage, with 4 of the 20 semi-finalists hailing from either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Building on the buzz from UKBC, the Scottish coffee community is set to hold a major event of its own in Glasgow: The 2014 Scottish AeroPress Championship, happening on Sunday, May 11th at 2pm. It’s being held at an events spaced called The Old Hairdressers, and is sponsored by a variety of folks we ourselves are partnered with at Sprudge, including La Marzocco, Marco, and Aerobie. The event has been organized by Lisa Lawson of Dear Green Coffee Roasters.

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But it’s the poster that really demands attention here. Crafted by the design maniacs at Oslo’s Kaffikaze (the same team behind last year’s similarly fabulous Japan “Akira-press” poster), the image features layout and concept by occasional Sprudge contributor Harald J. Vøyle, with illustration by the gifted Lars K. Huse. It’s based on the traditional Scottish sport of caber tossing, with an AeroPress in place of a 20 foot tall, 175 pound Larch tree.

Here’s the poster in full detail:


Just look at the detail on this straining Scotsman’s face:


Incredible. For much more information, you can follow the Scottish AeroPress Championship on Facebook, and be sure to check out Kaffikaze’s charmingly bananas official website. Our next collaboration with Kaffikaze happens this June in Rimini, Italy, where we’ll be co-hosting the Second Annual World Drunken Brewers Cup, the world’s premiere non-sponsored coffee event held in a private residence. Stay tuned for more details.

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