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In a small atelier in Amsterdam, José Mollura handcrafts custom bags that combine rich Patagonian leather with up-cycled green coffee jute. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Mollura’s journey in coffee began when he was backpacking through South American coffee plantations after graduation, sparking a love of coffee that led him to his current position roasting coffee for Brandmeesters in Amsterdam. Mollura also owns two consecutive wins in the Dutch Coffee in Good Spirits competition.

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You can feel that globe-spanning journey in the gorgeous pieces he creates. When we saw them ourselves, we knew we had to do something special, so we reached out to a friend: coffee professional and model Jennifer Prince. This shoot features three of Mollura’s pieces modeled in New York City at Pulley Collective, an innovative shared micro-roasting facility.

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José Mollura first learned how to design and make handbags while volunteering in southern India. He is responsible for 100% of the production on these bags, hand-crafting each component and combining them on his 1970s Adler sewing machine.

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The bags come in a number of formats, and our shoot features the “Continental” duffle bag and “Catando” shoulder bag, which is somewhere between a messenger and a briefcase in size. All of the leather is imported from Argentina, and Mollura uses the leftover green coffee bags from his work as a roaster.

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Mollura also makes incredible full leather aprons from the same Argentinian leather. These aprons combine a ruggedly capable look with sumptuous detailing and heavy-duty hardware.

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If you want to see Mollura in action and learn more about bag design, most months he puts on a “Live Atelier” event at his Amsterdam workshop. Prospective attendees can find more details on Facebook.

Bags are available for purchase here

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Jennifer Prince’s hair is by Kelly Wright at Arrojo Studio. Makeup and wardrobe by Jennifer Prince. Tank and wool shorts from Nanda; other garments from the model’s private collection.

Styling and production by Assistant Editor Alex Bernson

Photos by D.  Robert Wolcheck for