Wilco (The Mug)

Chicago-based Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea is at it again with clever marketing ploys involving music industry giants. This time it’s alt-Dad popsters Wilco, who’ve co-decided to co-design a co-branded mug with Zell and Co.

Rumor has it this mug will be held up from release by Wilco’s record label, who’ve deemed it “unmarketable”. Wilco will then tour to promote the mug, convincing die-hard fans and bloggy hypesters alike of its deep aesthetic and artistic resonance. The mug will be released several years after anyone cares, to much belated fanfare and “I heard this mug two years ago” snobbery. Following this, Wilco’s mug quality will decline sharply and you’ll start seeing their mugs in Starbucks, on VH1, and at overpriced outdoor festivals.

Everyone knows the best Wilco mug is totally “Summerteeth”.

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From Juxtapoz:

Hey Wilco fans, we’ve got good news for you. Intelligentsia have teamed up with the Chicago-based indie band to offer an exclusive mug designed by Andy Wickstrom.

The exclusive mug is co-branded by the tasty coffee company Intelligentsia and the band Wilco. They will also be offered at future Wilco concerts and on Wilco’s site, wilcoworld.net in the very near future.

At a mere $10, they’ll go fast. Available now here.

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