No Foam, No Problem: @Espresso174 Wins @NoFoamThro...

No Foam, No Problem: @Espresso174 Wins @NoFoamThrowdown!

No Foam Throwdown, the first-ever online latte art competition, has a new champion:

Larry's Pour

Larry's Pour

Larry, he of Brisbane’s Espresso174, is the winner of this week’s No Foam Throwdown dorkstravaganza (presented by Larry’s 7-tiered tulip positively trumped the competition, but our choice for a runner up was the first pour from Jesse Raub, who submitted several photos (perhaps exploiting a gray area in the Dirty Cup rulebook).

Larry, here’s your prize: your pour will be featured on the front page of for the next week, ensconced in a lovely rococo frame.

Want to compete? Then join NFTD this weekend!

Check in here, read Dirty Cup, and keep taking pictures of those choice pours.



  1. bibi

    26 August

    No, he was Raub’d!

  2. Matt

    26 August

    Jesse was robbed!

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