Liz Clayton (with unidentified goombah)

There’s a new forum through which to gaze longlingly at the works of Liz Clayton, international coffee’s favorite documentarian and journalistic polymath. Cruise on over to the New York edition of (a kind of Food Network for food blogs) and read Liz’s awesome behind-the-scenes look at Cafe Grumpy’s Panama Paso Ancho, from seed to cup and stem to stern:

“With the exception of tortilla factories, there is not, traditionally, a lot of romance associated with consuming your food in the same place in which it was produced. Goats get ornery, distilleries smell like the devil, and offal fetish culture or no, we’re still a ways away from picnic tables outside all our sausage factories.

Coffee roasteries, however, are a whole ‘nother story, and as the city’s local roasteries multiply like we’re friggin’ Portland or something, our ability to be connected with the coffee process is in full bloom.”

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