Welcome to this week’s Winners & Losers, featuring original art by Ben Blake of Draw Coffee. In the spirit of TV Guide’s long-suffering “Cheers & Jeers” feature, we’re presenting the winners and losers from the last week in coffee.

Winner: Mr. Coffee


Mr. Coffee has effectively upped the game with a $170 luxury-class coffee brewer. The price tag makes it the most expensive Mr. Coffee brewer to date – and the hottest! No, seriously, by hot we mean it can heat water to 205 degrees fahrenheit (other Mr. Coffees heat water to 185.)

Winner: This Shirt

advert new rules of coffee now available



Coffee and Donuts by Lim Heng Swee is available on Threadless and is adorable. Where is that mug of coffee bicycling off to?

Winner: This Coffee Stand In Korea


I mean, seriously, just look at this coffee cart. Check out this write-up from Seoul Searching.

Winner: This Very Important Article From io9


Bonus points for the footnotes.

Winner: Discarded Paper Cup

Photo via SeattlePI.
Photo via SeattlePI.

It helped police find a sexual assault suspect in Olympia.

Loser: This mug.

mom-mug-censoredNot cool, guys. (Hat tip: George Takei)


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