Welcome to this week’s Winners & Losers, featuring original art by Ben Blake of Draw Coffee. In the spirit of TV Guide’s long-suffering “Cheers & Jeers” feature, we’re presenting the winners and losers from the last week in coffee.

Winner: Mr. Coffee


Mr. Coffee has effectively upped the game with a $170 luxury-class coffee brewer. The price tag makes it the most expensive Mr. Coffee brewer to date – and the hottest! No, seriously, by hot we mean it can heat water to 205 degrees fahrenheit (other Mr. Coffees heat water to 185.)

Winner: This Shirt


Coffee and Donuts by Lim Heng Swee is available on Threadless and is adorable. Where is that mug of coffee bicycling off to?

Winner: This Coffee Stand In Korea


I mean, seriously, just look at this coffee cart. Check out this write-up from Seoul Searching.

Winner: This Very Important Article From io9


Bonus points for the footnotes.

Winner: Discarded Paper Cup

Photo via SeattlePI.
Photo via SeattlePI.

It helped police find a sexual assault suspect in Olympia.

Loser: This mug.

mom-mug-censoredNot cool, guys. (Hat tip: George Takei)