Will you be in the fair city of Portland, Oregon this upcoming Friday or Saturday? If your answer is “yes”, then surely don’t miss your chance to enjoy a three way cupping courtesy of Water Avenue Coffee. Read on:

Water Avenue Coffee is proud to present a unique look into farm-level coffee processing. Join us at any of our 4 cupping events to explore the affect that different processing methods have on your daily cup of coffee. We will be cupping coffees from El Salvador Finca Manzano. This 100% Bourbon varietal was all harvested from the same plot , on the same 2 days, the 14th and 15th of February 2011, and then processed using three different methods: Mechanical Washed Process (with a Pinhalense demucilager), Pulp Natural, and Full Natural (Dry Process). We will be hosting 4 separate cuppings and limiting each to 15 people.

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Friday Oct. 21st – 9am
Friday Oct. 21st – 1pm
Saturday Oct. 22nd – 9am
Saturday Oct. 22nd – 1pm

A limited edition single origin espresso, blended from all three batches will be available at each cupping as well. Please RSVP to mattsanders@bellissimo.net with the day and time you will be able to attend. Or call 503-808-7083 Thanks!

– WAC Team

We wouldn’t miss it for the world. You can scope out all the Facebook info here, and enjoy a little three-way music below. [youtube]0PvW6T-Xmqw[/youtube]

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