It seems trivial and inappropriate for us to sum up last week without mentioning the unfathomable tragedy in Connecticut. Our grief and sadness for the families affected goes beyond words.

Coffee enthusiasts have proven themselves time and time again to be charitable, giving members of society. Today we ask that you consider giving to two worthwhile charities: The Sandy Hook School Support Fund, set up by the United Way of Western Connecticut, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Thank you. Hug the people you love.

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NYC: Bikini Bar Cafe: Bikini Bar Cafe has opened in New York, and it has nothing to do with scantily-clad girls serving awful coffee in a drive-through espresso stand in some suburban strip mall parking lot. Work of 2010 NERBC champion and longtime Cafe Grumpy employee Danielle Glasky, the new cafe serves Counter Culture Coffee on a Faema E61 Legend espresso machine and Beehouse ceramic drippers. The shop will soon serve raw food and organic juices. We’ll definitely be adding this one to our NY Coffee Crawl list!

Cupcake Royale x Gay Marriage: We love small businesses who serve good coffee and support great causes! Seattle’s Cupcake Royale, a popular cupcake shop serving Stumptown Coffee, has donated hundreds of cupcakes for gay marriage festivities at Seattle’s City Hall to celebrate the state’s first day of legal gay marriage. If you’re getting married in Washington, Cupcake Royale can help you with that! And if not, they have delicious cupcakes either way.

8 Coffee Must-Haves For The Mayan Apocalypse: Forget shipping deadlines for Christmas Eve package delivery; we only have six days left to gather together the proper coffee gear for post-apocalyptic brewing! Your Sprudge editors have put together a handy guide for coffee drinkers who survive 12-21-12, and essentials include the gold Ablew Brewing DISK filter, which, “with the right amount of thrust, can also double as a self-defense weapon,” and the new Zassenhaus hand-grinder, which “will look great in anyone’s bug bunker.”


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