NYC: Madcap Coffee and Joe Pro Shop, A Love Story

NYC: Madcap Coffee and Joe Pro Shop, A Love Story


There’s a nice feature up via Madcap Coffee Company’s brand new website, part of a quarterly series in which they talk about different high-end wholesale partners around the country. First up is the Joe Pro Shop, which opened last Spring with Madcap as one of its featured partners:

The idea behind the Pro Shop is to offer the best coffee from the best roasters around the country while educating guests about specialty coffee and home brewing. Classes are offered regularly and the staff is willing and well-equipped to offer support. As the official east coast partner with Espresso Parts, the Pro Shop carries a wide variety of brewing equipment and wares to nurture anyone’s inner coffee geek. For those with a taste for espresso, baristas at the Pro Shop expertly pull single-origin offerings using a beautiful Kees van der Westen designed lever-operated Idrocompresso machine.

Madcap was delighted to be on the opening roster of roasters featured at the Pro Shop and have been a mainstay ever since. So far, they have featured fifteen of our coffees from seven different origins and have shared in our excitement for our special selections. The Pro Shop was one of only three shops in the country to carry our Varietal Series in its entirety– including the incredibly rare Elefante– as well as our recent line of unique and limited offerings from Colombia.

Read the whole thing here via MADCAP’s blog, as written by Miranda Johnson.