Tom and Jen, two DSLR toting Brits recently toured the City of Roses and blogged about all the great coffee places they visited. All was well and good, but they had the audacity to say this:

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“Portland has a population of just 500,000 people but it somehow has as many international level coffee bars as world cities like London, 10 times more than Hong Kong and a million times more than Seoul.

Our tut tut alarms are ringing! Tut tut! Tut tut! There are “literally thousands” of cafes in Seoul, an amount CNN referred to as “staggering” and “enormous”. South Korean cafe culture is arguably the most vibrant in the world – look at all these beautiful cafes on Travel and Leisure! Need a set of features more driven by quality? Aaron Frey’s FRSHGRND has been the friggin’ gold standard of Seoul coffee blogging for years!

We’re all for hyperbole – we love it to death – but let’s try and keep it in the margins. Seoul has more coffee shops than Portland – many, many more – and the whole thing is rendered as extra-strange because Tom and Jen have obviously spent time in Asia, as per many blog posts on their website. Tut tut!

Do you think we’ve finally gone too far? Are our tut tut’s unfounded? Sound off in the comments below!

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