Today is’s third birthday, and boy howdy, it’s been a wild ride. In three short years this website has grown from an inside joke (done on the side from day jobs) into a real-life full-time career for the both of us. We get to travel and write and Photoshop professionally, and it’s something we are both intensely grateful for, and still in a state of genuine disbelief about. Sprudge is now what we do for a living, and we’ve built that reality because of the support of our ad partners. We get to do this everyday because of them, and because of you, the people who read this website.

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Thank you to you all. Thank you to our sponsors – you can see who they are on the bottom right hand side of each post on Sprudge – and thank you to our readers, those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, and those of you who are just now learning about the trashy coffee blog with the stupid name.

From an inside joke three years ago, has grown into the most widely read coffee-focused publication in the world. It remains a labor of love for us, two childhood friends who get to make each other laugh for a living, somehow, improbably. We love doing this work. Thank you for making possible.

Thank you.

-Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen [First Tiger and Dictator For Life]

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