The fine folks at Barefoot Coffee just opened a “Rollup Bar” at their roastery in San Jose – but it’s not a fruit rollup bar, silly, it’s a coffee bar! Eater Wire sez:

“San Jose roastery Barefoot Coffee (76 Sunol) soft opened an on-site cafe featuring pastries, hot coffee, cold brew and Dandelion Chocolate bars today (September 26). The grand opening of the so-called Rollup Bar takes place October 5-7 with deals of up to half off.”

Ooh, Dandelion Chocolate, they’re just delish – plus Barefoot is pretty tasty, we had a chance to try some at our recent Cupping California event in San Francisco. Sounds like San Jose jut got a little cooler, although let’s get real here, a fruit rollup bar would be pretty awesome.

Soft opening day at the Barefoot rollup, complete with wacky waving inflatable arm-waving tube man!