Minneapolis! We’re in your town right now, as we live and breathe. Tonight we’re throwing a giant party with Cafe Imports, our gracious, generous, and capable hosts here in the Twin Cities. Logistics and support for the party have been provided by our friends at Dogwood Coffee Roasters, whose roastery is really pretty.

Hüsker Brew is completely free and open the public, and it happens TONIGHT beginning at 5:30pm at the Cafe Imports Warehouse – 600 Hoover St NE, Minneapolis –  where we’ll be cupping more than 50 distinct coffees from around 40 individual microroasters. Roasters submitted coffee to this event from far and wide, and so our attendees will have a chance to cup delicious coffees from San Francisco, Seattle, Copenhagen, London, Melbourne, New York City, and beyond. As always, we’ll publish a report with buying links in our popular “wine list” style after the event is completed – there’s still coffees streaming in today!

The evening is happening in two delicious phases:

Phase one: A public cupping party. Suspend disbelief; go with the flow; let your heart be your guide. Massive public cuppings are a sight to behold, and an experience to be a part of. Get ready for a wild ride.

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Phase two: Guests will join us at the Cafe Imports main offices – 2617 East Hennepin Ave, just 3 blocks from the warehouse – immediately following the cupping party, to enjoy a feast from the likes of Rogue Chocolatier, Indeed Brewing, France 44, Rustica Bakery, Sweetland Apple Orchard, Salty Tart, and a full roast pig from Victory 44. There will be live music, a fire pit, and plenty of wine on hand. And in case you need to party more, there’s going to be a gathering afterwards at Red Stag Supper Club.

Also, the Twin Cities are a really awesome place, and so far we’ve had superb coffee and dining experiences at the following places:

  • Bar La Grassa – great fresh pastas, lobster and soft egg bruschetta, and delicious Dogwood Coffee.
  • Kopplin’s Coffee – former home to notable PNW coffee transplants Ryan Wilbur and Andrew Milstead! Skimmed americanos, y’all.
  • Quixotic Coffee – a very comfy cafe in St. Paul, serving MPLS local Moonshine Coffee and a rotating roster of guest roasters (PT’s Coffee when we visited).
  • Izzzy’s Ice Cream – spicy Thai ice cream, “Dinosaur Egg” ice cream, outrageous looking chocolate-dipped waffle cones.
  • Butcher & The Boar – a bourbon and meat emporium in Downtown, with outrageous BBQ beef long ribs and plentiful sausage options (wild boar scrapple, anyone?).

MPLS, you’re alright. See you tonight for Hüsker Brew!

What: Hüsker Brew, a culinary cupping party hosted by Cafe Imports.

When: Tonight, September 27th, starting at 5:30pm

Where: Cupping party begins at the Cafe Imports green coffee warehouse – 600 Hoover St NE, Minneapolis – before moving on to the culinary portion of the evening at the Cafe Imports offices – 2617 East Hennepin Ave. Both events are less than 3 blocks from each other.

Full frontal Facebook event info here.

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