When it comes to finding new and novel brew gear, there might be no better place than Kickstarter. It’s a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful in coffee (and also like, five new French presses and 13 new ways to make cold brew).

As we are wont to do here at Sprudge, we scoured the annals of crowdfunding, and we have found three of the coolest new coffee products on Kickstarter that you can back right now!

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via Etkin Dripper

The Etkin Dripper – Coffee Brewer

For many pour-over nerds, the flat bottom brewer is tops. The consistency and repeatability of the brewer make it many folks go-to coffeemaker over its conical brew counterpart (not me though, I’m ride or die 10-cup Chemex, but this isn’t about me). But there is one area where the conical brewer has the edge: there are options for large format pour-overs (Hello 10-cup Chemex!). But the Etkin Dripper is looking to fill that gap.

Designed by SCA instructor and Sprudge and Sprudge Wine contributor Michael Butterworth, the Etkin Dripper is a flat-bottom pour-over optimized for brewing one liter of coffee at a time to “ensure an even extraction and ideal brew time so that your coffee tastes its best.” Made of Turkish porcelain, the Etkin features a double-walled design and is compatible with any 6-12 cup basket filter.

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With just over three weeks left in the campaign, the Etkin Dripper has reached its $10,000 goal. Would-be backers can still get their hands on a discounted Etkin Dripper via the campaign for $48. Rewards are expected to start shipping out in April 2022.

via Brøg

The Brøg – Coffee Brewer

We are Brøg, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated… with flavor!

If you are at all concerned about a sentient hive-mind taking over your coffee counter, this is perhaps not the Kickstarter for you. But if you’re into Nordic designed smart brewers, then keep reading. Designed in collaboration with 2005 World Barista Champion Troels Overdal Poulsen, the Brøg is a new automatic pour-over coffeemaker that gives the user precision control over nearly every aspect of the brewing process (and there’s an app of course!).

At its most simple, all the user has to do it add ground coffee—which the Brøg will weigh out—to the 20-30 micron reusable mesh filter and pour in boiling water to the top of the device until the coffeemaker tells you to stop. From there, you can let the Brøg do its thing using a variety of brew presets available. Or if you want to have more control, the Brøg lets users control seven different brew settings: the amount of bloom water, grind size, water flow, coffee-to-water ratio, brew time, temperature, and bloom time. Through the app, users can share their brew recipes or find new ones created by coffee professionals in Copenhagen and soon around the world.

With three weeks left, the Brøg has nearly doubled its $15,600 Kickstarter goal, but there are still a few early bird deals up for grabs. Would-be backers can save 35% off the retail price and get their hands on a Brøg and reusable filter combo for just $325. Units are expected to begin delivery in July 2022.

via Qterra

Qterra Craft – Travel Coffee Brewer

Brewing coffee (or tea!) on the go can be a bit of a sticky wicket. Do you make it beforehand and let it grow cold? Do you grab some instant? Or do you just bring an entire damn brew counter with you wherever you go? But with Qterra, there’s a new option for on-demand brewing with nary a pour-over in sight.

What appears to be simply a travel mug, the Qterra is anything but, combining high-temperature stability, immersion brewing, and quick cooling functionality, all without the use of a battery. And it’s easy to use. All you need to do is fill up the tumbler portion with hot water and add your coffee or tea to the brew basket inside the lid, and then you’re ready all set to brew whenever the mood strikes. When you are ready to make coffee, just twist the lid to lower the brew basket into the hot water, and twist it back once you are done. With another twist of the lid, you can begin cooling your brew. Once the stripe goes from yellow to black, your drink is at a drinkable 140°F in less than 5 minutes.

With just under four weeks left in the campaign, the Qterra Craft Travel Brewer has yet to reach its $15,000 goal, but that means there are a ton of deep discounts available. Would-be backers can still get their hands on a Qterra for $89, nearly 50% off the retail price. If the Kickstarter reaches its goal, rewards will start reaching backers in October 2022.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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