New ways to manually brew coffee are created on what seems to be a daily basis. Most of these new methods are aesthetically pleasing and singular in purpose, which is great, until you run out of room in your coffee cabinet (as the owner of a collection of coffee gear that has grown too large and may or may not have gained sentience, I can attest to this). But now on Kickstarter, there’s a sleek new brewing device that triples as a pour-over, French press, and cold brewer.

Called Manual Coffeemaker Nº3, the new device is the creation of designer Craighton Berman, the maker of Manual’s Coffeemaker Nº1 and Tea Maker Nº1, both of which blew through their respective Kickstarter goals. Nº3 follows in the footsteps of Manual’s other product designs: simple, hand-crafted, and aesthetically pleasing. But this new device differs in that it is multi-functional. Essentially a double-walled glass pitcher, switching between uses of the Nº3 is as easy as changing lids. For French press, just use the cork-based plunger. For pour-over, use the porcelain flat bottom dripper lid (designed to be used with Melitta 8-12 cup filters).

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And the best news is, the campaign has already been fully funded, so “backing” it now is basically just buying at a discount. Regularly retailing at $145, the complete kit can be purchased for $115 via the Kickstarter. Additionally, the pour-over and the French press kits can be bought a la carte for $85, $45 cheaper than retail. But you have to act fast; there are less than two days before the campaign concludes.

For more information on Manual or the Coffeemaker Nº3, check out their Kickstarter page here.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Manual

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