The espresso martini renaissance shows no signs of slowing down. The resurgent cocktail from the 1980s—made popular once again by Gen Z—has been in the limelight for a few years now. There have been ready-to-drink versions (and celebrity backed ones), handbags, fragrances, pumpkin spiced versions, even a cheese. The espresso martini has long been the star of many a cocktail menu, but now for one bar, it’s the whole show. There’s an espresso martini bar in New York City.

As reported by the New York Post, it’s called the Rose Room and it is “the first espresso martini bar in New York City.” The Midtown bar has non-caffeinated cocktails on order as well as a variety of bites for lunch and dinner, but the focus is on the quaff du jour, the espresso martini.

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There is the traditional espresso martini, The Gold Standard, made with espresso from Have A Nice Day Coffee, vodka, and Valrhona Chocolate. Then there’s the Cherry Blossom Bliss with vodka, espresso, cassis, and honey. Or a Velvet Tiramisu with rum, espresso, and tiramisu foam. And the gin-based Lychee Rose Love, with lychee liqueur, limoncello, and espresso.

All espresso martini variants run a cool $21. (Which is a friendly reminder that I could never afford to drink in New York City.)

It is once again my sworn duty as the resident espresso martini hater to remind you that there are better coffee cocktails out there far more deserving of your adoration and entire bars to focus on them. The Chartreuse Cappuccino, for instance, is unmatched. You can taste all the components and they blend together seamlessly. Or, if you are looking fro something a little lighter and more refreshing, there’s the Cascara Sherry Cobbler. (Or, you could just mix some Slingshot Coffee Soda and your favorite clear liquor for a quick and easy summer cocktail.) Luckily for you, these can be found in But First, Coffee, a new coffee recipe book from your friends here at Sprudge. And yes, there’s an Espresso Martini recipe in there too.

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