2015 World Aeropress Championship Seattle Sprudge aeropress-final-four-pour

On Thursday, June 23rd, the city of Dublin, Ireland will play host to an extraordinary event. No, we aren’t talking about the World Barista Championship—we’ll talk about that one plenty later. We are instead referring to the world’s premiere grassroots global coffee competition fun-time: The World AeroPress Championship.

From humble roots as a Scandinavian larf to today’s global circuit of national competitions, the 2016 edition of the WAC is sure to be the best, and most Irish, in the event’s history. Pressers from 52 nations will do battle at WigWam (54 Middle Abbey St, Dublin), a former nightclub that is now home to Vice Coffee Inc. The event itself promises “a single night of unhinged debauchery”, and having covered these events in years past, we can only nod and concur.


Sprudge is proud to be the Official Designated Media Outlet of the World AeroPress Championship, which means we occasionally get a hot scoop on WAC news. In addition to imploring you to Save The Date for June 23rd in Dublin, today we’re rightly chuffed to reveal the official roster of judges serving the 2016 WAC event. And they are:

Dan Boobier of Workshop Coffee in London, England

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Gilbert Gatali of KZ Noir in Kigali, Rwanda

Amanda Juris of Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California

Robyn Butler of 3FE in Dublin, Ireland

Stephen Vick of Beanstock in Nairobi, Kenya

Jessica Godfrey of ACME & Co. in Wellington, New Zealand

Ari Fasanella of Cafe Imports in Berlin, Germany

Enrico Wurm of La Marzocco in Florence, Italy

Sam Muhirwa of Buf Cafe in Ginkongoro, Rwanda

Anne Lunell of Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden

Estelle Bright of La Marzocco in London, England

2015 World Aeropress Championship Seattle Sprudge final-judging-session

Judges will judge. Pressers will press. Aeros will be inverted. Lives will be changed. Be there in Dublin on June 23rd, and relive all our AeroPress Championship coverage from around the world in our heaving AeroPress competition archives.

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