Happening this Wednesday, August 1st, baristas in St. Louis and Atlanta will be pitted against each other in steel cage Skype death match brew battle of gargantuan proportions. Blood and tears will no doubt be shed, as individual baristas compete for fabulous prizes and municipal bragging rights are established. Let’s turn to the official Facebook Event Listing for more info:

Ok, Atlanta-area baristas, St. Louis has challenged you to a Manual Brewing Battle. Hosted by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee and Kaldi’s Coffee, the battle will go down in both cities at the same time via Skype Video. Each city will use the same exact coffee, and be judged by the same judging lineup structure (1 Coffee Pro, 1 Local Chef, and 1 Coffee Fan.)

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You can use whatever brewing device you want. You will have 10 minutes to submit a brew to the judges. There will be cool prizes for First and Second Place winners! Will take place at 7pm in Atlanta, 6pm in St. Louis. Don’t miss this great event!

The aforementioned prizes include a Bonavita home batch brewer and a Baratza Virtuoso grinder. Attendees can also expect a super-exclusive first look at an exciting new product launch, the details for which we have been sworn to ultra-secrecy.

In case these two otherwise-affable cities need more reason to competitively hate each other, it’s summertime in the United States, and that means Major League Baseball. Citizens of Atlanta and St. Louis, your cherished Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals franchises, both of whom have won championships in your lifetime, are currently locked in heated battle for a National League wild card playoff spot. If the season ended today the Braves would win out, despite the fact that the Cardinals are outpacing Atlanta in almost every conceivable metric except wins, from WHIP to OPB.

Baseball is cruel, but there, now you should want to beat each other up real good! Just be glad you aren’t Seattle or Kansas City, where the coffee is plenty hot and delicious, but the baseball is tepid at best.

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