From our “no longer breaking but not yet broken” file, Detour Coffee’s Geoff Woodley picked up the gold in last weekend’s 2012 Central Canadian Barista Champion. Detour and Te Aro were big winners on the coffee front, as all six of the CCBC finalists competed with their coffees. A huge congratulations to Mr. Woodley and all of the finalists.

We had a bear of a time finding any photos or videos of the event online, so we commissioned Sprudge’s 6-year-old nieceย to recreate the weekend in Toronto.

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Here are the finalist results via Espresso Adventures:

1. Geoff Woodley Detour 621 Detour Coffee
2. Georgia Henry Dark Horse 597.5 Detour Coffee
3. Sameer Mohamed Fahrenheit 582 Te Aro
4. Brad Bauer Fahrenheit coffee 564.5 Te Aro
5. Brett Johnston Crafted coffee 556 Te Aro
6. Jesse Van dyke Grondin Rooster Coffeehouse 548.5 Te Aro

UPDATE: Here’s a real picture via Detour Coffee’s Instagram:

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