La Marzocco Out Of The Box is getting ready to go LIVE next week in Berkeley, California!

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Pull your own shots on the Strada MP! Check out product demos from Espresso Parts! Enjoy presentations from Hario, Marco, Mazzer, VST and more! Hang out with Sarah Allen on Wednesday afternoon and learn more about Barista Magazine, two-time winner of the coveted Sprudgie Award for Best Magazine!

Enjoy delicious coffees from a who’s-who of West Coast roasters, including Ecco, Sight Glass, Four Barrel, Flying Goat, Verve and Ritual!

Enter to win a raffle for your very own LM Shot Brewer! Tickets are $5, and proceeds go to St. Anthony’s SF Food Bank.

We’re especially excited for Out Of The Box, because for the first time ever, your editors will be addressing the public! Catch our hour long informal presentation on social media, trends, and the story of Sprudge on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. Ask us questions, correct our inaccuracies, serve us subpoenas for libel and buy us a beer!

Check the Marzocco blog for more info, and we’ll see you there.

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