Banks! What’ll they think of next? A branch of First Citizens will open soon in Columbia, South Carolina – but it’ll “look and feel like a coffee shop” – lattes, pastries, free Wi-Fi, open mic nights – and if you want to open a business account or secure a home loan? Sure, you can do that too. Copy+Paste from The State, a South Carolina blog:

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“It will feel like a regular coffee shop,” bank spokeswoman Angela English said. “But it’s also a relaxed, engaging space where you can get useful information and advice to help you manage your financial life.”

The coffee shop is the latest business to announce plans for Columbia’s burgeoning Main Street, which has experienced a renaissance in the past two years since the opening of Mast General Store and the relocation of the Nickelodeon Theater.

The new branch will open in the historic Brennan Building (built 143 years ago!)

We love collabrewation. We’ve seen denim bars and espresso carts, department stores and cafe counters, barber shops and coffee bars, video stores and espresso shacks, tiki bars and brew bars – we’ve seen a lot of things. Give us a post office and a single origin Aeropress! And maybe a cocktail on our way to the PO Box. Can you imagine? Then they’d HAVE to keep those places open on Saturday!

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