Are we entering the third wave of mainstream media’s coverage of third wave?

Why are tech-superstars like Jack Dorsey (Square, Twitter), Kevin Systrom (Instagram), and skateboarding and video game celebrity Tony Hawk investing millions into small craft coffee roasting companies? Reuters takes a moment to examine this moment in the movement, digesting it into an easy to read (and endlessly reblog) bite-sized morsel. Three reporters team up to distill the rising popularity in the growing craft coffee industry – and they do it quite nicely.

They look at parallels between the craft beer and boutique wine industries, comment on the 3WM’s lack of data, and theorize that the new money being funneled into these bigger (but still small!) companies comes from a generation of investors that grew up with Starbucks.

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This kind of reporting is a much more balanced kind of reporting than what we’ve seen in the past. No one gets called a “nerd”, for example, and the interchange with Intelligentsia’s Geoff Watts to start the article is kind of priceless:

On a recent visit to Ethiopia’s southern Yirgacheffe region eight hours from Addis Ababa, the buyer for Intelligentsia Coffee bumped into a familiar face.

“I saw a random white guy walking around in a field, and it turned out he was a friend and competitor,” said Watts.

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