People are travelling from near and far to be at the fabulous Seattle City Convention Center for this weekend’s CoffeeFest. Sprudge is a bit melancholy about the whole thing – we’re in New York and San Francisco right now, respectively (and lamely). We really wish we were there, but we aren’t, and well, we hope you all have a lot of fun without us.

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For those of you who are in Seattle: go drink coffee Milstead & Co, then follow the curve of 34th to Ballard Ave, drop in at La Marzocco USA, and have some oysters at The Walrus and The Carpenter. The BBQ pork at Kau-Kau in the ID is Jordan’s favorite in America, and Zachary can’t get over the meatballs at Oddfellows on Capitol Hill. Have a cocktail at Tavern Law and Liberty Lounge. While at the event, check out the always-awesome Espresso Parts booth and say hi to the nice people there. Go to the Victrola “grunge party” on Saturday night, then sing some karaoke at the Crescent. Be merry, Seattle – we miss you and love you.

-J & Z

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