Some cryptic news today out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the Corlett / Knapp braintrust are preparing to announce the location of the long-awaited second MadCap Coffee space. Possible locations hinted at in their intertitle heavy video announcement include Houston, Dallas, New York, Boston, Miami, Detroit, Toronto, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle / Portland, and Sao Paulo.

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Our bets (not including the interns, who have their own pool) are on either Detroit or New York City. Mr. Corlett was spotted in New York City as recently as a month ago, perhaps scouting locations for MadCap 2, while Detroit’s coffee scene is currently hot as all get out, thanks to an abundance of cheap, stunning showcase spaces and the recent opening of Astro Coffee.

Check out the video here, stay tuned to the MadCap blog here.

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