This post has been updated as archived videos become available and winners are confirmed. Stick with Sprudge for continued updates throughout the day!

[UPDATE 2 – 11:59AM PST]

Flash forward to 24:10 to see the epic final moments of the World Cup Tasters finals. Listen to Alf Kramer giggle like a school girl for twenty unstoppable seconds. We want to see remixes, people!

[UPDATE 1 – 11:36AM PST]

The World Cup Tasters Finals are now online and available to watch on Livestream! There seems to be some controversy involving the champion. Greece taster Kyriakos Ozounidis is never seen on camera tasting. Early reports suggest Kyriakos studied the cups by sight first (shown on camera) and then tastes (not on camera). We’ve contacted people on-site to confirm. (Thanks, Nick!)

The standings of the SCAE World In Coffee finals for the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship, World Coffee In Good Spirits, World Latte Art Championship and World Cup Tasters are not immediately available. The finals are not archived on WCE1 or WCE2, which leaves us turning to Twitter for the final standings:

The World Coffee Events twitter handle @WCoffeeEvents have announced that Kyriakos Ozounidis is the 2011 World Cup Tasters Champion.

Esther Maasdam @esthermaasdam has announced that Chris Loukakis is the 2011 World Latte Art Champion.

We have not be able to locate the winners of the Ibrik or Coffee In Good Spirits awards. If you know or have pictures/video, send us a line or write a comment below! Congratulations to everyone in Maastricht!

BTW, Jay Caragay wants to know: