PhD Student And Home Barista Uses Has Bean, Wins 2...

PhD Student And Home Barista Uses Has Bean, Wins 2011 World Brewers Cup

One Part Dr. Schlumbohm and One Part Chris O'Dowd

I am not a coffee professional. I have been warned against saying this, but I’m an amateur. Ireland, as a country, has a long history of amateur participation in sports. For some odd reason, we love abusing ourselves and putting ourselves through grueling sporting events for no apparent reason. Except for one: passion.”

Keith O’Sullivan has taken home a Bunn Trifecta, a grinder, and a Sweet Fantasy Natvia massage after winning the first ever World Brewers Cup. Keith’s performance was funny, casual and informative. Instead of talking about the coffee and where it came from, he talked about how, as a consumer, it changed his perspective on coffees from Latin America. He won the World Championship by doing exactly what competitors have been told not to do: he spent a large part of his time talking about himself and his experience with the coffee. And for a home barista, this was a really fun story to listen to. He also had the judges smell the ground coffee! Yes!

Keith brewed Has Bean’s Bolivia Finca Bolinda in a Chemex. Simple and to the point. It was brilliant. Congratulations, Keith! Watch the whole thing on Livestream.

Did we mention he did the whole thing commando?



  1. Mike

    24 June

    do everything comando.

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