While we celebrate National Dog Week in America, the real action is going down in Australia.

Do you know why this puppy is lickin’ its chops, with a satiated and contented expression on its little poochy face? Know why its little paw paws are muffin topping out of its once loose-fitting tee? Probably because it just snarfed up a big old puppuccino.

That’s right, a puppuccino: whipped goat’s milk and coconut cream, garnished with crushed liver bits and topped with a fresh gluten-free peanut butter dog biscuit. This all went down during Market Week in Melbourne, with coffee bar Clement (now part of Sprudge sponsors St Ali Family) providing the drinks and The Pet Grocer supplying the treats (made exclusively for the event by Treats a la Bark).

Here are six reasons why this was the best day ever:

6. Just look at these puppuccinos…


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Just look at these decadent doggy drinks! According to Clement Coffee manager M’lissa Muckerman, they’re made up of “whipped goat’s milk with coconut cream, as dog’s shouldn’t have lactose, sprinkled with crushed liver bits and topped with a gluten-free peanut butter dog biscuit.” Look at that biscuit! Treats a la Bark! Ooh, la la!

5. A vet was on hand throughout the event.


While the pups snacked a vet chatted up the humans, talking doggy nutrition and healthy dog lifestyles.

4. The baristas made the puppies feel right at home.


Muckerman (right) and Talia Claire (left) donned puppy masks and ears (as well as Clementine Apparel’s forthcoming pink club jacket) as they served up coffee for the humans and puppuccinos for the doges.

3. Around 150 puppuccinos were served.


“Nacho and Pippy Long Sausage the wiener dogs,” says M’lissa Muckerman, “Truffle the Frenchie puppy, Louis the Italian Greyhound, Noir and Samba the toy poodles, Bazza, Toto, Sunday and Sunshine were all in attendance!” But where was Colonel Barksalot?

2. The event was all over the local news.


“We got a write up in the Herald Sun this morning before the event and Channel 7 filmed during the event and did a piece on this evenings nightly news,” explained Muckerman.

1. The puppuccinos were a hit.


All dogs agreed, the puppuccinos were deloshes.

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